About Us

ANC Manufacturing is the manufacturing arm of Ancestors Group, formed in 1992, dedicated to UK manufacturing in our site in Folkestone, Kent. The company has a fully trained design team to create or amend new and existing products or ideas. The company has over 20 different manufacturing processes which can individually be split into their own small specialist factories all under one roof. We have been servicing the promotional industry for over 20 years, but have also been the best kept secret manufacturer, we are now letting you know.

We specialise in many different kinds of branded products and custom promotional products.

UK Doming Factory: Resin decal domed stickers, any shape together with providing a good range of custom domable products.

UK Resin Casting Factory: Machine and hand casting of custom resin products in any colour, real stone, slate or even bronze finish.

UK Metal Casting factory: Specialising in Lead Free Pewter casting to a maximum size 6 inches.

UK Printing Factory: Full colour digital printing onto any substrate, die cutting / creasing, all without the cost and set up of a die.

UK Framing Factory: Almost any frame mould can be used to make frames to your own size from small to large.

UK Game Factory: Game boards both card and wood, gaming pieces and boxes.

UK Laser Factory: High quality laser engraving and cutting on both organic at metal materials.

Feather Factory: Goose, Ostrich, Turkey, Peacock and Pheasant all stocked and made into usable branded pens.

Jewellery Factory: Made or designed in UK or Thailand to a high quality meeting all regulations.

Sourcing Factory: All sourcing and design work is personally overseen by our MD, who has an extensive experience in this field.


New machines for 2019 and 2020 we now have two Intec cutters / creasers, two laminating and foiling machines. A new £64,000 resin doming machine capable of following any shape, and an injection resin moulding machine.

ANC Manufacturing are continually moving with technology to give you the best product and best service. Providing also small packaging solutions to complete the branding. Customisation for clients is a big strength of the business, being able to offer most products with own label packaging and designs.