UK Metal Casting Factory

UK Metal Casting Factory

Metal Casting (lead free fine English pewter)

We can produce custom promotional products using your designs or we can design for you. The production of all of our pewter products is carried out with a process called Spin Casting or Centrifugal Casting.

Casting Process

Casting in progress

Our skilled artists use the traditional method of hand carving out of wax or pewter from original artwork or drawings.

A production mould is then made with the master casting being laid out on a silicone disc and then cured with heat and pressure in a vulcanizer. This rubber mould is then spun in a centrifugal caster while pewter is poured into the centre of the mould resulting in a replica of the master metal design. Once cooled this is then opened up and channels are cut for the molten metal to reach the impressions. These sub-masters are then put in a new production mould and placed into the vulcanizer and the above process repeated. The completed castings are fettled and rumbled to remove any sharp edges and imperfections, then polished in a light detergent before being dried in the corn drying machine. All pewter items can be finished in a variety of ways including polishing, to a bright silver colour finish; antiquing to accent the details or plated in silver, gold or other finishes.

Centrifugal Casting Machine Manual Centrifugal Casting Machine
Semi Automated Centrifugal Casting Machine Manual Centrifugal Casting Machine

Casting Machines

We use a modern Semi Automated centrifugal casting machine for our mass production or custom items and have several stand alone manual pouring machines for lesser amounts and more intricate work.

Per annum we process over 36 Tonnes of Pewter Tin Alloy.


Highly skilled operators assemble and finish every item to exacting standards.

We can produce almost any shape including buttons; pin badges; golf ball markers; tooling; jewellery; findings; figurines; replica coins; medals; belt buckles; charms and Key chains.

Maize Dryer Vibratory Bowl Finishing Machine
Maize Dryer Vibratory Bowl Finishing Machine

New Machinery

Our latest purchase is this 100 litre capacity vibratory bowl finishing machine.
This takes over from traditional hand finishing of precision items taking our automated finishing to the next level. This machine enables us to produce highly polished Fine English Pewter looking like Silver but no tarnishing.


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Our custom metal cast items include figurines, keyrings, rings, tokens, coins, crowns, bookmarks, badge pins and much more.

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